Audrey Huskey

Operations Manager

Audrey Huskey was born and raised in beautiful Pocatello, Idaho where she currently resides with her husband and two children. Early on, her parents instilled a love for music, sports and exploring the outdoors, which she is enjoying passing on to her children. In her free time, she enjoys CrossFit classes, reading, traveling and live music.

In 2007, while studying Dental Hygiene at Idaho State University, Audrey began working with children with developmental disabilities. This impactful work quickly became her passion, causing her to change her major to Social Work and in 2009, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. Upon graduation, she earned Developmental Specialist and Behavioral Interventionist certificates and continued working with children and families in Southeast Idaho to create positive and inclusive home, school and community environments.

For a short time, Audrey was a risk assessor with the Department of Children and Family Services where she gained a profound respect for the social workers, foster parents, law enforcement, juvenile justice and other community partners on the front lines of child safety. Her passion for serving vulnerable populations and strengthening community collaboration only grew.

In 2015, Audrey began her work at the Pocatello Children’s Clinic as a Care Coordinator. There, she discovered another avenue to serve families of children with special needs by assisting with navigation of medical care, complex systems, mental health needs and community resources. While serving as a Care Coordinator, Audrey was a vital part of the growth of the patient centered care model, putting a child's best interests and a parent's preferences at the forefront of pediatric medical care. She became the Care Coordination Supervisor and a driving force behind achieving recognition as an Accredited Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Audrey is excited to continue to serve the local community as the Operations Manager for Friends of the Children - Eastern Idaho. She believes that we can build resilience and make a difference one child and one Friend at a time.

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