April 23, 2024

Eastern Idaho Youth are Making New ‘Friends,’ Starting in American Falls

In an op-ed in the Idaho State Journal, our Executive Director Gina Judd shared her excitement about the launch of our Friends of the Children – Eastern Idaho chapter, gratitude for the many partners who helped us get here, and the data behind our successful program model. The 12+ year commitment Friends of the Children makes is intense, and the long-term outcomes from our national network are impressive:

“While we proudly broker in hope, independent research also shows that our model can effectively break the cycle of poverty. Ninety-two percent [of program youth] go on to enroll in post-secondary education, serve our country, or enter the workforce; 83% receive a high school diploma or GED; 93% remain free from juvenile justice system involvement; and 98% successfully wait to become parents until after their teens.”